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BONG CONNECT – “Love Fashion-Be You”

Sarees epitomize and enhance the charisma of a lady beyond imagination. Bengali women all over the world are famous for their big beautiful eyes, bold looks and their unparallel way of draping sarees. With bold eye make-ups, fantasy for colors, high and heavy bun and clad in a beautiful saree complete the appeal of every Bengali woman. It is not inherited but every Bengali woman is born with the forte to look splendid in sarees. India being a land of rich culture and tradition has a lot to offer to the fashion world. Indian Ethnic wear has always been in demand because of its vast cultural diversity not only in India but also abroad. Indian clothing has always been labeled as elegant, demure and gorgeous.  No matter how modern or fashionable our country becomes, there is nothing lovelier and appealing than a traditional Indian saree. Needless to say, every saree made in any part of our country is matchless and eminent but one of the most sought after sarees in India are the ethnic and mesmerizing sarees made in Bengal.

West Bengal is the fourth populous state of India with a population of around 100 million. Land of the Royal Bengal Tiger, hotbed in India’s independence struggle, this state has given the likes of Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore and Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. West Bengal, a culturally rich corner of the country is known all over the world for its expertise in art and craft. It’s skill in architectural splendor to excellent works on woodwork, terracotta, paintings and textile runs unparallel. Pottery, brass and copperware, embroidery, tapestry, hand looms, fine muslin and silk artistry, wood carving, cane works etc. are a few examples of handicrafts which originates at the ground level in the heartland of Bengal – the villages. Most of these handicraft products are from cottage industry in West Bengal and has been the backbone of the rural economy of the State.

West Bengal, where each region has its own distinctive artistic style and a plethora of talented artisans, has a century-old weaving tradition that has been passed down the generations. Handicrafts of Bengal embody our rich heritage of aesthetics, creativity and artistry. Handloom-hand-woven Sarees form a very rich tradition of Bengal and is a very distinct part of Bengali culture. Every district has “weaving clusters’, which are home to artisan communities, each specializing in specific varieties of handloom weaving. Bengal weaves are very unique and have their own distinct style. The weaves and techniques used are very traditional and yet the designs are contemporary. Bengali ethos is nicely displayed in weaving finesse, exquisite threadwork and extraordinary decorative techniques.

With an aim to see a manifestation of the inspirational heirlooms of Bengal in these age-old crafts, Bong Connect, the global community of Bengalis spread across the world strives to become a name synonymous with glorifying tradition in contemporary ethnic fashion so that you can gaze into the soul of our land and its people and feel the love and hard work instilled into making our handicrafts and our hand-woven fabric to appreciate the heritage and culture of West Bengal and hold a piece of Bengal in your hands. It is our earnest effort to encourage the traditional legacy of exquisite ethnic clothing with an attempt to adore you with the most finest of our collections at your doorstep. Bong Connect presents a unique collection of ethnic ware for weddings, bridal attire, party wears, social functions, trendy fashion, formal wear, corporate wear as well as daily casuals. Choose from our wide range of cotton and silk handloom sarees featuring exotic balucharis, classical jamdanis, intricate kanthas, fashionable tussars, traditional garads, exclusive dhakai muslins, customary korials and popular tants.

The essence and excellence of Bengal Handloom weaves are very treasured and one of the most loved ethnic wear in the world, but hardly accessible to women living in other parts of the world. We believe in making special occasions truly memorable by making these treasured products available to you wherever you are. We pick the best of Bengal Sarees from the most skilful weavers across interiors of Bengal from artisans who truly are a cut above the rest. Each product is handpicked after adequate quality check, properly photographed and carefully handled to ensure we can provide you a seamless shopping experience. You may explore from our online store anything of your choice based on genuine fabric, eye catching design, excellent workmanship, beautiful color and affordable price. Unmatched in quality, each saree represents centuries of weaving and craftsmanship that has been fine tuned over the ages to reflect changing tastes and sensibilities. Select sarees that reflects your personality, suits your style and is as unique as you are. So add a touch of eternal finesse and aesthetic exquisiteness to your look for a perfect Bong appeal