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Oil Paintings by Priyanka Chander Claimed

Add a pinch of art to your home :-)

5.0/5 3 Reviews Add Review

Add a pinch of art to your home 🙂

.…am inclined to paint things that soothe my soul…… passionately in love with nature and all the vibrant colours it offers… I keep imbibing newer art forms that come my way and bring me closer to my passion. My art today is but a reflection of my journey which I feel
is miniscule in comparison to hitherto unexplored roads ahead…

Oil on Canvas——-

  1. Yellow leaf – size 10″/12″, Price- Rs 3000
  2. Boat – size 10″/12″, Price Rs 3000
  3. Mother Teresa – size 20″/30,” Price Rs 10000
  4. Bride – size 20″/24″, Price Rs 12000
  5. Baby – size 20″/24″, Price Rs 12000
  6. Ship- size 10″/12″, Price Rs 3000
  7. Lotus – size 10″/12″, Price Rs 3000
  8. Bougainvillea – size 20″/30″, Price Rs 15000
  9. Morning dew – size 30″/20″,  Price Rs 15000
  10. Snapdragon – size 15″/35″, Price Rs 13000
  11. Pansy – size 20″/30″, Price Rs 15000
  12. Cosmos – size 30″/20″,  Price Rs 15000

For further details please contact on given number.

For order of paintings other than displayed in oil or acrylic medium please contact on given number.  


Q How do I order?

Whats app :- +91-9408107422 or Email :- priyankachander@live.com

Q How to order for paintings other than displayed, in oil or acrylic medium? 

a) Specify oil or acrylic medium.
b) We will need photograph of the subject you want to be painted.
c) In case no photographs then a detailed written description is required.
d) Digital photo you can mail us on the given mail id
Photo quality: A photograph with a high resolution: i.e. a picture with a larger number of pixels. This is necessary as we zoom into the photograph to get precise details. Eyes and other detailing of the face should be clear in the photograph, in case of portrait.
Minimum size: 8×10 (inches)
Minimum pixels: 300 dpi
File type: Jpeg
We accept both digital and printed copies of an original photograph. Of course, these will be returned with the portrait. Photocopies are not acceptable.

Q What is the time taken to get an art work ready? 

It depends on the kind and size of work you want to order. From the time we receive the photograph or written detailed description. it takes around 1-3 weeks for us to complete your work.  Rest is delivery time to reach you by post.

Q How do I make a payment? 

We will share bank details after receiving the order and payment can be done online or through cheque.

Q Do I need to make an advance payment? 

Yes, you need to make a 100% advance payment along with the photograph or written detailed description.

Q How much do I have to pay? 

This will depend on size and the extent of detailing that is required. Please contact on the given mobile no. or email on the given id.

Q Will the painting be framed? 

No, these paintings would be made on canvas. And will be send either rolled or stretched.

Q Will the painting be signed by the artist? ​

Yes. As a practice, all paintings are signed by the artist. 

3 Reviews for Oil Paintings by Priyanka Chander

deepcosco7667 1 Reviews
"Magnificent & Artistic"

As Alberto Giacometti once said “The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.” and i must say a genuine piece of work where the artist (Priyanka Chander) seems to have dipped her brush into her own soul and painted her own nature and emotions into these vibrant pictures. great effort n kudos….

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 0 Love 0

Absolutely wonderful work…n such myriad themes n thoughts underlining dese works..executed wid great perfection..

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 0 Love 0
scorpiogc190 1 Reviews

All paintings listed include some unique artistic impressions. The works are classy, encompassing styles reflecting on artist’s calibre and range. Mother Teresa and Kalpana Chawla stand out as amazing portrayals thru the artist’s imagination and creative depiction of respective subject’s real life achievements, known the world over. ……can’t wait to explore more works from the source artist ! …..a big thumbs up to easydial for the worth listings ! ….do keep it coming !!

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 0 Love 0